Since our establishment in 1943, we have used a manufacturing process through producing molds and injection of plastic eyes for dolls and stuffed toys and other parts.

During our long history, we developed the two-colors injection machinery and its injection technology in 1966, and the three-colors machinery and its injection technology in 1976.

Our company was established in 1967 as a sales corporation based on our excellent technology.
We promise that we will do our best to contribute to all injection products around us and to supply our best service to all customers.

We solicit your continued patronage.

Hideo Suzuki, President

Company Profile

Company Name : Suzusei Sogo Co., Ltd.
Established : In December 1943
Founded : In July 1967
Own Bldg. : Built in April 1978
Representative : Hideo Suzuki, President
Business Lines : Sales of plastic eyes, nose, and parts for dolls and stuffed toys.
Office Location :
1-1-5 Komagata, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 111-0043, Japan
Tel : 81-3-3845-2121
Fax : 81-3-3845-2129
E-mail : suzuseiy@nifty.com